LJP Avocat

provides efficient and responsive support to its clients in matters of civil law, and has developed in-depth expertise in the following areas:

Family and heritage law

Real estate law

Civil liability law

Labor law

About us

Recognized for her sense of listening and the thoroughness of her work, Maître Journeau is keen to carry out the cases entrusted to her, whether amicably (she is trained in collaborative law) or litigation when necessary.

With more than 12 years of experience, Maître Journeau has acquired recognized competence and works in conjunction with various professionals (notaries, bailiffs, accountants, mediators, etc.).

Maître Journeau has a double degree in Law / English and has a perfect command of the English language so that she has developed an expertise and extensive practice in complex issues arising from international situations.

Maitre Journeau can be reached by phone or e-mail

Lucile Journeau Attorney at Law


LJP Avocat has acquired solid experience in many areas of family law and devotes a large part of its activity to resolving issues of national and international family and heritage law:

  • amicable or contentious divorce,
  • PACS rupture or separation,
  • liquidation of matrimonial or joint ownership regime,
  • parental authority and determination of the residence of the children,
  • actions to contribute to the maintenance and education of children,
  • inheritances and gifts,
  • protection of vulnerable adults,
  • adoption, parentage and change of civil status,
  • child protection and educational assistance,
  • rights of grandparents and third parties.

LJP Avocat also intervenes in the field of civil real estate law, and will be able to provide you with assistance and representation in the following disputes:

  • rental law (disputes between landlords and tenants, for residential and commercial leases),
  • property sale,
  • construction litigation.

LJP Avocat has been able, in connection with its areas of predilection, to develop particular expertise in the areas of civil liability action, and will thus be able to advise and assist you in the context of:

  • the bringing into play of professional civil liability
  • the claim for your bodily injury.

LJP Avocat also intervenes, in conjunction with fellow specialists, before the courts and will be able to assist and advise you in the context of discussions and negotiations between employers and employees.


The fees are determined in a written fee agreement, specifying the method of determining the fee covering foreseeable due diligence.

The due diligence performed by LJP Avocat is billed to the client on the basis of an hourly rate. Some files may give rise to a fixed-rate billing with possibly a result fee.

The fees do not cover the disbursements, costs, fees and expenses of outside counsel and stakeholders, which are solicited with the client’s agreement.

The invoices sent to the customer detail in detail by category, the nature and duration of the services, actions and diligence carried out by period.


Lucile Journeau Attorney at Law

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